Resources for Cancer Survivors


I Asked My Doctor About Low Libido During Breast-Cancer Treatment by Dr. Kelly Michelson, MD, MPH on

Is There Sex After Cancer? –Clinicians struggle to address women’s concerns by Pam Harrison Contributing Writer, MedPage Today

Life After Cancer Treatment: Body Changes and Intimacy (National Cancer Institute)

Program in Integrative Sexual Medicine (PRISM)

Recover Sex: Recover your sexual health following surgery, cancer, and other medical conditions.

Sex and the Woman with Cancer (American Cancer Society)

Sex and Cancer Resource List (The Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure)

Sexual Health FAQs (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)

Sexual Health, Intimacy, and Cancer (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)

Talking About Mesothelioma and Sex with Your Partner (The Mesothelioma Center)

Asking Your Doctor How Mesothelioma Affects Your Sex Life (The Mesothelioma Center)



Changes in Intimate and Sexual Relationships after Cancer (Patient Power)

Moving Forward: Dating and Sex after Cancer (Livestrong)

Sex, Relationships, and Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)


Books and Pamphlets:

Sex and Cancer:Intimacy, Romance and Love After Diagnosis and Treatment by Saketh R. Guntupalli, MD and Maryann Karinch

Sex Matters for Women by Sallie Foley, MSW, Sally Kope, MSW, and Dennis Sugrue, PhD

Sexuality and Fertility after Cancer by Leslie Schover, PhD

Sexy Ever After: Intimacy Post-Cancer by Keri Peterson, M.D. and Patty Brisben

Woman Cancer Sex by Anne Katz, R.N., PhD