Scientific Working Groups (SWGs)

The SWGs were borne of priority focus areas for further research and discovery. One year goals outlined at the Strategic Planning meeting prioritize multi-institutional collaboration, standardized patient care and increased recognition and awareness. Three-year goals prioritize standardized data collection and sustainability.

Collaborative Writing Groups (CWGs)

The CWGs were developed to produce scholarly products that contribute to the evidence-base for care for women with cancer and sexual concerns on a timeline that reflects their term. These CWGs have been developed in alignment with the goals of the SWGs. The CWGs were created based on two major research topics: 1) Standardized guidelines of sexual health care for women with cancer and 2) Standard sexual health physical exam practices for women with cancer.

The first group will develop Novice Guidelines for the Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction (led by Sharon Bober, PhD and Jeanne Carter, PhD). The second group will produce two products: 1) Consensus Recommendations on the Systematic Physical Examination to Advance Evidence-Based Care for Sexual Function Concerns in Women with Cancer (led by Bethanee Schlosser, MD and Stacy Lindau, MD, MAPP) and 2) Consensus Recommendations on Ascertaining Sexual Symptoms and Concerns among Women with Cancer to Advance Evidence-Based Care (led by Kathryn Flynn, PhD and Diana Jeffery, PhD).