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Who are we?

The Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer is a global interdisciplinary network of over 180 clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals, from more than 60 institutions worldwide. The Scientific Network works to promote sexual well-being in women and girls affected by cancer by advancing evidence-based education and practices.

How did we start?

Interdisciplinary teams from the University of Chicago and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center developed the Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer to convene active clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals in this field to accelerate research through collaboration. Individuals have participated in two-day working Scientific Conferences held in Chicago, IL (11/2010), New York, NY (10/2011), Durham, NC (09/2013) and Boston, MA (04/2015). Additionally, a targeted group of active members were invited to participate in a Strategic Planning meeting in Madison, WI (05/2012). The strategy for building the Network has focused on recruiting individuals from institutions with NCI-funded Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

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April, 2019