Stepping Forward: Advancing Science, Practice, and Education in Women's Sexual Health and Cancer

Thank You!

The Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer wishes to thank the following for their contributions to the success of the 2017 Conference: Stepping Forward: Advancing Science, Practice, and Education in Women’s Sexual Health and Cancer:

Invited Speakers

  • Tami Rowen, MD, Assistant Professor, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, University of California, San Diego and Education Chair, International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH)
  • Meg Gaines, JD, Director, Center for Patient Partnerships, Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin
  • Victoria Maizes, MD, Professor, Clinical Medicine, Family Medicine, and Public Health and Executive Director, Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona
  • Julia H. Rowland, PhD, Director, Office of Cancer Survivorship, National Cancer Institute

Abstract Presenters

  • Arthur, E.K., & Menon, U. Development and content validity of a measure of self-efficacy to renegotiate sex and intimacy.
  • Damast, S., Stahl, J.M., Qian, J., Park, H.S., & Ratner, E.S. Vaginal dilator use predicts for reduced stenosis in both sexually active and inactive endometrial cancer patients following brachytherapy.
  • Krychman, M., Graham, S., Mirkin, S., & Bernick, B. Negligible to very low systemic absorption with a novel vaginal estradiol softgel capsule designed to treat Symptomatic vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA).
  • Feldmeth, G., Abramsohn, E., Navalkha, C., & Tessler Lindau, S. The role of patient educators in a clinical and research program for women with cancer and sexual function concerns.
  • Kolder, V., & Sullivan Wagner, E. All of Me: Prioritizing sexual health for Iowans impacted by cancer.
  • Black, L.L., Cheriki, M., Ball, A., Conroy, K., Zaleta, A., & Carpenter, K.M. The relationship between pain and sexual functioning among women with gynecologic malignancies.
  • Canty, J., Milli, L., Seidel, B., Stabile, C., Dickler, M., & Goldfrank, D. Preliminary data on the feasibility of a non-hormonal vaginal moisturizer in post-menopausal cancer survivors.
  • Conroy, K., Ball, A., Cheriki, M., Zaleta, A., Black, L.L., & Carpenter, KM. The relationship between female sexual distress, general distress, and sexual pain among gynecologic cancer survivors.
  • Eaton, A., Baser, R., Seidel, B., Stabile, C., Canty, J., & Goldfrank, D. Validation of clinical tools for vaginal and vulvar symptom assessment in cancer patients and survivors.
  • Fox, J., Young, A., Tidwell, L., & Goldin, B. Promoting mindfulness, body positivity, and sexuality through yoga in cancer survivors.
  • Moffitt, M., Egan, L., Goetsch, M., Pejovic, T., & De Geest, K. Sexual dysfunction in gynecologic oncology survivorship: Even gynecologists miss opportunities to offer low-dose vaginal estrogen.
  • Spencer, R.J., Lindau, S.T., Abramsohn, E., Barroilhet, L.M., Woo, K., & Kushner, D.M. Studying the inclusion of sexual side effects during perioperative informed consent: Can it even be done?
  • Srilatha, B., Yang, G.F., Ong, Y.J. Determinants of women’s sexual health in the cancer journey: A case series.
  • Tsiaousi, I., Rodolakis, A., Tsetsa, P., Chaidopoulos, D., & Loutradis, D. The impact of HPV infection on women’s sexual health.

Conference Planning Committee

  • Anika Abid, University of Wisconsin
  • Emily Abramsohn, MPH, University of Chicago
  • Sharon Bober, PhD, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Kristen Carpenter, PhD, Ohio State University
  • Jeanne Carter, PhD, MSKCC
  • Shari Goldfarb, MD, MSKCC
  • Vanessa Kennedy, MD, UC-Davis
  • Mary Lynn, DO, Loyola University Medical Center
  • Natalie Scudiero, UC-Davis
  • Aimee Tobin, University of Wisconsin

Abstract Reviewers

  • Emily Abramsohn, MPH, University of Chicago
  • Lora Black, PhD, Ohio State University
  • Sharon Bober, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Jeanne Carter, PhD, MSKCC
  • Judith Florendo, DPT, Florendo Physical Therapy
  • Kathryn Flynn, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Anuja Jhingran, MD, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
  • Vanessa Kennedy, MD, UC-Davis
  • Stacy Lindau, MD, University of Chicago
  • Mary Lynn, DO, Loyola University Medical Center
  • Kelly Westbrook, MD, Duke University

Leadership Committee

  • Jeanne Carter, PhD
  • David Kushner, MD
  • Shari Goldfarb, MD
  • Sharon Bober, PhD

Who are we?

The Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer is a global interdisciplinary network of clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals, reaching over 180 members from more than 60 institutions worldwide. The Scientific Network works to promote sexual well-being in women and girls affected by cancer by advancing evidence-based education and practices.

How did we start?

Interdisciplinary teams from the University of Chicago and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center developed the Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer to convene active clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals in this field to accelerate research through collaboration. Individuals have participated in two-day working Scientific Conferences held in Chicago, IL (11/2010), New York, NY (10/2011), Durham, NC (09/2013) and Boston, MA (04/2015). Additionally, a targeted group of active members were invited to participate in a Strategic Planning meeting in Madison, WI (05/2012). The strategy for building the Network has focused on recruiting individuals from institutions with NCI-funded Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

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